Announcement 006 / 2021
Personal Data Protection Policy

To protect the personal information of customers, business partners, employees, and anyone related to the Company’s business. Personal information has been collected, used, disclosed in a secure manner and the use is for the purposes which the data owner consents to and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2019. The Company has set up the personal information protection policy as follows:

    1. The Company respects the privacy rights of customers, business partners, employees and all related persons.
    2. The company will ask for personal information only if necessary for use or as required by law and will request it directly from the owner of the information.
    3. The company will notify the purpose of data collection, use and disclosure, and notify the owner of the information and request consent from the beginning.
    4. The company has established a system for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information which is stable and secure.
    5. The company has provided a Data Controller, Data Processor and a Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO) to ensure that personal information is used for its intended purpose, is not used beyond consent or cause any damage to the data subject/owner.
    6. Sensitive personal information, such as national identity information, political opinion, creed, health information, criminal record, disability, etc. This data will be retained as necessary and any use and disclosure in a confidential manner will be subject to the explicit consent of the owner of the information.
    7. The owner of the information has the right to easily access, review and withdraw consent at any time as needed.
    8. Foreign persons data will be protected and used in the same way as that of Thai persons.
    9. In the event of submission of personal information to an external organization or for travel abroad, the company will enter into an agreement with any external organization or country to provide secure and safe protection of the information as required by law.
    10.  Any personal information which the company will store and use will be deemed as company property. The company forbids any person to violate, disclose, access, remove it for personal benefit or destroy it without the data controller’s approval. Violators will be prosecuted and subject to the maximum penalties as well as providing compensation for damages in accordance with amounts stipulated by law.


The company requests that all employees and related persons strictly follow this policy and any supplementary regulations set by the company in order to ensure that the objectives are met effectively.

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